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Brief introduction

Yu Rong Philanthropy is sponsored by Mr. Ren Yurong, a well-known young entrepreneur, one of the public welfare caring people, and the General Manager of the Mierx.Tiancheng-Shaanxi. This event is widely participated by all parts of societies, aiming at helping the poverty and rebuilding the survival faith of the minorities, sponsoring the children to go back to school and receive education. 

Since the launch of these events, they have received high praise and acknowledgement from public. A large amount of excellent entrepreneurs and loving people joined in the event helping those impoverished students return to school. In recent years, these activities have supported hundreds of students one-to-one from national poverty-stricken counties in Shaanxi and other northwest provinces financially and have helped them accomplish their dreams. Yu Rong Philanthropy is meeting its obligation as a social enterprise, in the meantime, it is making modest contribution in carrying forward the positive vibe within the society. 


Helping and assisting the impoverished students, fulfilling the mission of philanthropy;

Loving and caring for the stay-at-home children, perceiving love from heart;

Experiencing and observing rural education, rebuilding the educational concept.