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    Talented people are the key for competitiveness and development of one enterprise. Mierx values talents and regards them as primary source and fundamental premise for the development of the enterprise, and promotes mutual development of enterprise and employees. At the talents source practical events, Mierx demonstrates great competence in providing platforms to all kinds of talents for them to fully display themselves. Meanwhile, Mierx is dedicated to enhance its human resource management level and comprehensive accomplishment of the talents through various modes of effective ways, to promote mutual development of the enterprise and the employees, to push the employees share the fruitful accomplishment of the enterprise development in order to achieve mutual development and benefits.

1. Make the Best Use of Only the Best Use

Adhering to an employee-oriented enterprise operation principle, Mierx insists on attracting the employees with a broad development vision and encouraging them with great career development plans. Through the construction of a scientific and effective talents mechanism and a positive and good environment, Mierx is dedicated to give full play to each and every employees, to create personal development opportunities to individuals, and to ensure all kinds of talents obtain opportunities and platforms to success.

Mierx respects the talents and innovation, values competence and standard more than academic qualifications and diploma, and pays great attention to one’s potential and ability. Employees’ positivity, initiative, and innovation will be greatly activated through a fair competition mechanism and a good enterprise environment.

2. Mutual Development and Sharing of Success

One enterprise will not be considered successfully without the hard effort of the employees. Mutual development and growth of the enterprise and the employees have always been the talent development view of Merix. Merix encourages its employees to combine self-development with long-term plans. Merix endeavors to create a good growing condition to each employees, provide opportunities with great ambitions to play their maximum potential, in order to achieve the mutual development of the employees and the enterprise. 

Merix adheres to the principle of equality and caring for talents. There is no difference of status between people, the only differences lie in responsibilities. The company respects the character and pursuit of every employees, encourages them to improve their abilities, and acknowledges their achievement. At the same time, insisting on the concept of employee-oriented and sharing of the accomplishment of the employees, Merix attaches great importance to a balanced interest and promotes the cooperation and coordination of both sides, and aims a win-win situational eventually.