GWOM platform
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GWOM platform is the first computer service-based space service management software developed by our company integrating with GIS(Geographic Information System), WEB(WEB Portal System,), OA(Office Automation System), MIS(Administrative Approval System).

GWOM products highlight unified data showcasing its core values to assist customers simply, easily and promptly gathering GIS, WEB, OA, MIS systems in a complete and flexible framework. This helps the connectivity of attribute data and spatial data and assure a stable and optimized system and effective business running.

In General, WEB Portal System not just provides citizens with public services, timely and accurately publishes government news, collects information and thoughts from citizens to make it an interactive channel between the government and people, but is also a window for institutions to conduct their business. Institutions are able to access to the system with authorization (username/passcode), fill out application forms and submit related documents to apply the administrative approval. Business management organizations apply OA and MIS system to approve applications, GSI system to analyze spatial data and conclude approved information so that institutions can collect results on WEB Portal System or through Email, SMS and Wechat. System will be updating according attribute data and spatial date in reflected GIS database.

GWOM Products

  1. 1) WEB Portal System

  2. WEB Portal System integrates website design, development, management and maintainence. It doesn’t reply on professional developer but support individualized application, which provides different industries portal website with completed and sophisticated portal construction, management and maintainence solutions.

  3. 2) OA Office Automation System

  4. To fulfill the management of government documents, HR, attendance, assets and vehicles on integrated information platform, OA highlighting people, emphasizing “non-structural information ”process, provides a cooperated and integrated working environment for staffs working together on a common but personalized platform to get rid of the time and space limitation to realize a good work and knowledge management.

  5. 3) MIS Administrative Approval System

  6. Abide by‘’Administrative Permission Law of People’s Republic of China‘’, MIS provides a set of complete and professional information management solutions for Administrative Approval Service Center and Government Hall at different levels for their application, approval, management, evaluation, service, etc. This applies to all business commission offices and is particularly developed base on their nature and business categories. MIS develops platforms of Approval Management, Project Approval, Approval Supervision, Approval Service, Approval Administration and Approval Exchange. The system consists with code of E-government Affairs Construction, is the core of E-government Affairs Construction.  

  7. 4) GIS Geographic Information System

Based on GIS, RS, GPS, GIS system is focusing on location intelligence service, engaging in vector map data processing and GIS map software development., providing basic geographic map, elevation data modeling, management of professional spatial data, visualization and analysis function. Basic function includes map roaming, zooming, orientation, spatial analysis, ranging and map output, etc.

GWOM Production Application

1)  Unified planning of Information system

Information system is complicated, not expected to be built alone, requires users with a system of unified business basic framework, resources sharing and business application integration. For examples: website system, cooperative office system and approval system, etc. are expected to be built on a unified platform, and create business linkage and information sharing.

2)  Business synergetic management

Separation and independence of business systems from each department easily bring about information isolated islands. Among departments, business process connectivity and cooperation need to done to better integrate business, process management, monitoring and running demands customers more.

3)  Customized business software

Customized business models and developing strategies. Information systems in nowadays markets hardly meet customers working needs.

4)  GIS related business system

GIS-based business application development needs to be implemented through business management software that combining business relational data and spatial data.  

GWOM Products Advantages

1)  Advanced and unified SOA architecture

GWOM platform adopts advanced SOA system architecture and standard, makes GIS,WEB,OA,MIS models all have open program interface, which can remain independent to make system separately run and implement plans in distribution, but can also integrate. This fundamentally build up business, technology and management architecture, and help customers to upgrade application architecture to SOA system.

2)  Applicable to multi-type business system

GWOM platform is new generation business application integration platform, widely applied in party and government offices, institutions, social groups, etc. The platform can complete multi-type spatial business management and information management on WEB,OA,MIS and GIS.

3)    Lifecycle Spatial Business Management software

GWOM provides complete spatial business management lifecycle application support by componentized, visualized and integral platforms to realize the process from design, development, adjustment, deployment to functioning, maintaining, supervising and solving. This reaches the goal of constructing spatial business application and service with low cost, high quality, flexibility and easy manipulation.

4)    Business data and spatial data are released simultaneously

GWOM platform has powerful ability for data management, connects relational data and spatial data in business system. Users will update GIS system while updating new business system, which results in the simultaneous releasing and integration of business and spatial application.